Bacteria that sits on your teeth for a long period of time can lead to tooth decay. If decay is left untreated, further complications such as discomfort or infection may develop. Composite fillings are a safe and effective solution to restore teeth that have been affected by decay.

Composite fillings are either tooth-colored or metal, and “fill in” where the cavity has formed. Fillings are set in place to preserve your teeth and prevent further damage.

At Redwood Dental, we offer metal fillings and tooth-colored fillings. Here is a quick guide to both:

Metal Fillings:

  • Amalgam: A silver filling comprised of mercury, tin, silver, and copper. A more durable and cost-effective solution than other types of fillings.
  • Cast Gold: Like the amalgam, this is a strong and long-lasting filling.

Tooth-Colored Fillings:

  • Composite: A popular option made of plastic and glass with the ability to blend with your natural tooth color.
  • Porcelain: With the help of computer-generated technology, porcelain fillings are stronger and more stain resistant than other types.

Glass Ionomer: Comprised of acrylic and glass powders, this translucent solution is inexpensive and contains small amounts of fluoride to guard against cavities.