We provide custom dentures for those needing to replace all or some of their teeth. Losing your natural teeth can cause many difficulties in your everyday life. With custom dentures, you can comfortably restore the appearance and function of your mouth. Whatever your denture needs are, Redwood Dental can provide an effective and cost-effective solution.

We offer different types of full dentures to choose from including:

  • Immediate Dentures: Temporary dentures that fill in the gaps between losing teeth and acquiring a full set.
  • Conventional Full Dentures: Permanent custom dentures that are fitted to your mouth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: Used to boost the stability of a lower and upper denture. Anchored using two or more dental implants.

We also offer a few different kinds of partial dentures:

Transitional partial dentures that are temporary replacements while you wait for your complete set.

Removable partial dentures that are lightweight and less invasive than standard plastic ones.